Letter on a Desk

Letter on a Desk

Here’s a little something I made in Photoshop CS6. The full PSD is available.

This is unlicensed work, but please do not claim it as your own.

Click on the image or click here to download.




This is 640×960, so it won’t work on the iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5, or any iPads.

MyBBExtras.net – Scam


Janota, Janota, Janota. This is what happens when the knowledge of a skilled PHP programmer falls into the hands of an immature, rude, disgrace to the MyBB community, then dons the nickname RubberDuck.

I became a subscriber at mybbextras.com for my forum leaderboardheroes.com, which would have enhanced functionality with the addition of the powerful subscriber plugins available on the site to subscribers only.

At first all I noticed was the cryptic formatting of the plugins, which was far different then the usual MyBB plugins format, but since the plugins seemed high quality, and subscribing just cost about $8 for 3 months, I didn’t mind.

I also noticed that the administrator Janota (or RubberDuck) was a rude person. Just the kind of guy you did business with but avoided all other contact with. That’s okay, but I also noticed many people had closed accounts… a very curious thing, usually the sure sign of a “tyrannical dictator” in the words of my friend Justin.

Another thing I noticed was that there was a validation file necessary to download and use the MyBB Extras plugins, which most likely (though I can’t be sure, as I don’t know much PHP myself, and never had a close look at the file) means the file communicated with the MyBB Extras server, making sure you aren’t redistributing the plugins. That’s a funny thing, but i’ll come back to that after.

When my shared hosting updated to PHP version 5.3, most of the MyBB Extras plugins spontaneously echoed out errors all over the header and stopped working. First I contacted the hosting, but they said there was no going back to PHP 5.2. Fine right? The plugins should be updated to support the newer version of PHP, even more so since he was getting paid to make them! I should also mention that all other plugins were fine through the upgrade, and real plugin developers have promised to update their plugins to retain compatibility (though as aforementioned, all plugins but those downloaded from MyBB Extras remained unaffected by the upgrade). I contacted RubberDuck immediately, but he refused to update his plugins, and as time went on my subscription expired. $8 wasted? No big deal. Worse things have happened after all.

Here’s where the real trouble began.

I was browsing adminextra.com the other day when I saw these awesome smileys by my friend FullMetalBabe (I like to call her a friend, since she’s an amazing designer and has been nothing but helpful and encouraging to me). As anybody who can read can see, these smileys are released under the license shown below:


I don’t know what part of that RubberDuck didn’t understand, *because what smiley pack (released under a different name) were sitting in the smileys section at MyBB Extras? You guessed it, the same smileys! *As you’ve noticed, I did not attach a picture, as FullMetalBabe, the real creator of those awesome smileys, sent a take down notice to RubberDuck and he complied (surprised)

Well of course, I was annoyed. I contacted FullMetalBabe about this, and she asked me to tell him to take them down or credit her, since he had closed registrations, making it difficult for her to contact him herself, I did, telling him that it was no joke, and there would be a take down notice if he did not remove them or credit her for the original creation.

What did I get for a response?


Though petty, this seemed fair enough to me. Besides the fact that a take down is not really a threat (grow up RubberDuck)


According to that little ban notice he gave me, I’m not sure he’s following his own TOS (at time of ban)


That cleary states ALL SUBSCRIBER plugins. See what he did there?

So before you subscribe to this website I hope you think twice…

Others agree as well



The point of this blog post was NOT for personal reasons, and not to destroy the reputation of this developer. However, pictures don’t lie; he scams, he cheats and he breaks his own TOS

My thoughts?

Amazing, and i look forward to this.

MyBB Blog

On April 1st we announced a 1.6.7 Update which updated both MyBB and the Merge System. If you haven’t seen this or not upgraded yet please make sure you read the MyBB and Merge System 1.6.7 Release blog post. We also announced our plans for MyBB 1.8; it was no April Fool.

Back in 2010, just under 2 years ago, we released MyBB 1.6 which introduced over 40 new features – some more at home in commercial software. As MyBB’s popularity continues to grow, the rise of social networks, rival software and the greater expectations of users old and new gives us some of the hardest challenges we’ve faced; to stay on top, to deliver a brilliant product and provide it to you for free.

With our development roadmap for MyBB 2.0 getting underway soon, we quickly felt the need to bridge the large gap that would have been…

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Made by me, as usual. Free for any use.

An interesting work free for any use.

My Logo Designs

Here are some logos I made. You may not use these logos for any reason. All images posted may be subject to copyright. I reserve the right to use logos i have made for free as I see fit. As a precaution I have dulled the quality of these images.

Several Graphic design works

Here are some images i don’t use, and you’re free to use them yourself 🙂










An interesting thing i made using a Mac wallpaper and a Halo figure render. Then i changed colors and added splashes of grunge.

Halo Moon

Subtle Patterns Pattern Collection for GIMP

A nice and tile friendly collections of 14 SubtlePatterns Patterns, converted by me.


How to Install

Installing a Pattern in GIMP (Windows 8)

Though the most popular GIMPing platform is unlikely to be windows, here’s a quick guide to installing GIMP or Photoshop patterns in GIMP.

First get a .pat file. Pat = .pat(tern File)

Now take the .pat file and place it in C:/Users/(Your User Name)/.gimp2.x/patterns

This is simple, and you can use both GIMP and Photoshop brushes. Enjoy!